The Triathlon Squad is a world-class organization that relies on volunteer work and donations in order to operate. All our resources are allocated towards providing our athletes with a daily high-performance environment.

In January 2014, TTS received non-profit status with the IRS. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, which means that your donations are tax deductible.

If you arrived at this page, you probably have been following us on social media for the last few years. You know how hard we work and also what we’ve achieved in the past and plan to achieve in the future. The first 5 years of the Squad have been incredibly successful. 2015 was another extremely successful year for the Squad and that was possible because of your support.

We are turning to you again to help our activity. If you donated last year, we know that you feel that it was worth it. If you didn’t donate last year but wish to donate now, we are absolutely sure that you will feel that your contribution will be totally worth it.

Your donations go directly towards supporting the activity of the Squad. In the last years, these were some of the expenses that were covered by your donations:

  • Lodging at home base and away training camps
  • Pool lane renting
  • Coaching/training materials (pace clock, measuring wheel, swimming paddles, etc.)
  • Your support, no matter the amount, can make a significant difference for the Squad by covering small expenses that make a big difference to us.

A central part of TTS’ activity is the Squad House in Poway, CA. Our main goal for 2016 is to have the Squad House continue to be the year-round operational headquarters for the Squad.

We’re using a tiered system for donations that will have 4 levels of support, with corresponding gifts for the donors. The gifts don’t represent value in exchange for the donations but rather represent our way of saying thank you for your support.

Even if PayPal is our preferred way to accept donations, we understand not everyone wants to use it. Your donation is important to us. If you would like to donate using a different method of payment please just let us know. Contact us for additional details.

Donor level Reward Amount of donation
  • Exclusive TTS bike kit, pair of water bottles and consulting with Coach Paulo.
  • Exclusive TTS bike kit and pair of water bottles
$500 – 1,499
  • Exclusive pair of TTS water bottles.
$50 – 499
  • TTS Thank You note
$10 – 49