Our Mission

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Squad is to develop elite triathletes capable of competing successfully at an international level. Triathlon is a sport where athletes don’t reach their full potential and race their best until several years after starting to race at the professional level. Therefore, the purpose of this program is to provide a comprehensive, positive and supportive environment that prepares emerging elite triathletes for their highest performance ability in the coming years. Toward that end, the program provides an optimal training environment as well as the guidance necessary to develop the skills required for world-class performances in triathlon.

One distinguishing aspect of The Triathlon Squad is that it incorporates in the same training group athletes with different triathlon focus. In a training squad, achieving critical mass in the number of athletes is critical for the success of the group environment. Therefore the Squad has both ITU and Ironman athletes, from the US and also Canada. In order to be an element in the Squad, athletes need to have already demonstrated great aptitude for triathlon, either through their results or by having a relevant background in swimming and/or running at the Collegiate level.

There are several examples of successful squad environments in the US. In both swimming and running, the best US athletes train in elite squad environments: Michael Phelps, Galen Rupp, Shalane Flanagan, Kara Goucher, for example, work in a squad environment. In triathlon, The Squad brings the concept of elite squad environment to the US.


Our Core Principles:

The Squad provides year-round world-class coaching to elite triathletes. This means in-person coaching delivered to the athletes for at least 20 weeks out of the year. This concept, while very popular in high performance around the world, is not common in the US. Only by providing our most talented athletes with face-to-face coaching for most of the training season we can aspire to create a truly excellent training environment.

Creating a high performance environment is less about the right physical environment and more about forming the right attitudes by establishing a culture that fosters success and continuous improvement. A high performance environment has mechanisms in place that allow for effective problem solving and crisis management and is
based on quality, consistent leadership from all those involved in the process. Clear leadership and direction is provided by Coach Paulo, founded on the work done in the last years as a High Performance Coach.

The core values of The Squad are:
– Commitment to excellence, fair play and clean sport
– Loyalty and honesty
– Long-term approach to high performance
– Stability of methods and technical approaches

The Squad operates out of its permanent base in Poway, CA. We run a world-class training environment, where athletes have a 7 days/week, full-time coaching “on deck.”